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Looking for Weekend Schedule?

You can find it when you click on "2017 Weekend Schedule" tab. Join us in the Sandia View Christian School Gym, Sabbath morning at 10a for a music concert of various alumni. Church begins at 10:45am. See you soon!

Alumni Weekend 2017- Coming Home Again

 October 12-14, 2017

75th Anniversary of the first graduating class of the Spanish-American Seminary

65th Anniversary of Sandia View Academy

The Spanish-American Seminary was established in 1939 and the first graduating class graduated in May 1942. The Spanish-American Seminary became Sandia View Academy for the 1952-1953 school year.

Sabbath Speaker - Pastor Leslie Aragon, Class of 1966 

11th Annual SVA Alumni Golf Tournament

After all these years I am sure you have grown to expect this letter, but yes, once again it is time for the Sandia View Academy Golf Classic. Over the years we have been able to accomplish so much for the young people in our community and lives, but it certainly doesn’t happen by accident. This tournament happens because of your support. As we all know, in this world, “Nothing is for free”, your generosity has literally afforded us the ability to raise over $ 150,000 to go towards directly to scholarships. These scholarships have changed young people’s lives, and we hope to change many more.

We humbly ask for you to consider sponsoring this event again. We as always will strive to put on a great tournament and GUARANTEE 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the students. Our goal this year is to raise  $25,000! Any and all of your support will be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you again at Desert Greens!

Best Regards,

Paul Chavez

Call Paul Chavez at 505.304.3885 TODAY!! Click on this link: 2017 Golf Tournament Entry Form

SVA Wish List for 2017-2018

SVA has one simple request for this school year. Let's help them out!

$1200 will pay for a van driver to transport students living near 

Crestview (southside of town) to and from SVA each day.

Contact SVA at 505.898.0717 or email SVA Alumni at [email protected] if you can help.

Alumni Bios

SVA Alumni Board has voted to start highlighting different SVA Alumni on our website and also in our newsletters.  We believe folks would like to hear about your life after graduating from or attending SVA. Email the following information [500-1000 words or less] to [email protected]:

  1. Years you attended SVA and/or year you graduated from SVA
  2. Where you attended college/university or received training post SVA
  3. Family info (i.e., who you married, how many kids and/or grandkids you have, etc...)
  4. What you did or do for a living
  5. Notable accomplishments and achievements
  6. Hobbies and interests
  7. Three things on your "Bucket List" you haven't accomplished yet

We look forward from hearing from you!


You attended Sandia View Academy.  You are SVA! You graduated from Sandia View Academy.  You are SVA!  You attend SVA now. You are SVA!  

Check out our "I am SVA!" videos on YouTube 


What unites us is SVA. Our connection is SVA.  Our history converges at SVA. No matter your race, gender, culture, current or prior geographical location, current or prior denominational ties - YOU ARE SVA!  

Tribute to Alumni/Staff Who Have Passed Away

2016 list of names  read at Alumni Weekend is located on Tribute page.  If you have names to add for 2017 Alumni Homecoming Weekend, please email us at [email protected]

The list of names that have been read in the past is listed on Tribute page.

SVA's Sandian E-Star

The electronic newsletter that SVA emails out can be found on the SVA E-Star page on this site.  You must be a member to access the page in order to protect the privacy of the young people at SVA.

Sale Facts

http://www.svasalefacts.com/ is a link to a website where a third party has posted information regarding the SVA campus.

Message from President

O.K. TROOPS:     (SVA Alumni)

Many of us have been keeping tabs on what is currently happening at SVA.  While the dorms have been quiet for a number of years, the other functions of the school have continued to develop nicely. The first bright spot on the current record: SVA is operating on a black finance sheet for the first time I can remember. (Can you remember?)

The second bright spot :The Texaco Conference is pushing hard to strengthen Christian Education again. The churches in the Albuquerque area have come together and formed a workable plan to re-set the school for current realities.  A firm contract has been signed with an ?honest-to-goodness? proven and properly focused developer. A new nursing and retirement home will occupy a large part of the property on the south.The plan includes a brand new academy complex more centrally functional on the north side of the property.

Student opportunities are planned by the owner/builder to provide workers for the needs of the facility and to offer employment to the families and students of the new academy. All the building permits have been applied for and accepted.  But one remaining permit with the State which will take a wearisome time to complete since the state is known to be very slow. Let?s pray for the State of NM.

Our last executive officer planning meeting was July 9.  The "active" alumni need information from the not-so-active alumni.  Could this be you? If you haven?t been to homecoming weekend recently, THIS IS YOU ! We want to encourage you to get together with other SVAites in your areas and take pictures so we have some idea of your current world.  It is very easy to text pictures and brief news notes. (Please be kind to your SVA friends).  Send in your comments and pictures right away. We still need an elected Alumni treasurer. (a minimum time requirement, but important position).  Please pray about this opportunity.  God has been good. Surely He won?t let us down now.

Many Great Memories

C Bruce Bowen

2017-2018 President

Sandia View Academy Web Site


2016 SVA Alumni Association Board of Directors
Elected and by-Position Officers

President: Bruce Bowen, '62, term ends October 2017

President-elect: Michael Razon, '05, term ends October 2018

Treasurer: vacant

Co-Treasurer (by Board vote): Sandra McMahon, '54

Secretary: Lisa Christopherson, '85, term ends October 2018

By position: SVA staff member; SVA Sr. Class President, Gyla Tipgos

Board of Directors: Paul Chavez, '81; Sandra McMahon, '54


You can find vintage copies of Sandian Stars from the late 1950s are located under  Vintage Sandian Stars

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